Lower Grades- Lesson Topic: Basic Vocabulary

Unit Description:

In this unit, students will learn basic vocabulary skills by watching videos through the Language Practice Google Hangouts (see above technological tools section) and then will have the opportunity to practice their new skills via videochat with a native speaker. Teachers will set up a classroom Google Plus page and “follow” the Language Practice Community of their choice, depending on the language they would like their students to learn. The communities are filled with resources for learning that language along with dozens of opportunities to videochat with native speakers of that language.


Standards (California State Content Standards):

*Second Language Acquisition is not a part of the California State Content Standards.

Sample Lesson:

Individual Instruction: In the computer lab portion of this lesson, students will view the video entitled “Learn Spanish with Paulino” through the Spanish Practice Hangout. This video draws basic shapes and images like sky, house, tree, and flowers on the screen and also shows different colors providing the Spanish translation of these words and colors. It is a fun, interactive, and colorful way for students to learn basic Spanish vocabulary. Students should be encouraged to practice saying the words as they hear them in the video. Students can also pair up and practice their new vocabulary with each other using flash cards and pictures to reinforce the vocabulary.

Whole Group Instruction: After the students have gained a basic knowledge of Spanish vocabulary, the teacher can bring the class together and project a videoconferencing session with a native speaker for the students to further practice their skills. It is beneficial to students to learn a second language from a native speaker because it gives cultural relevance to the language and allows students to hear the words exactly as they should be pronounced.

Assessing the Tool:

1. Was the tool simple to use as a teacher? For the students?

3. What could be done differently to maximize the effectiveness of the tool?

Assessing the Lesson:

  1. Did this lesson enhance student multicultural understanding?

  2. Did this lesson develop collaborative skills amongst the students?

and objectives?